Volunteer with HVH

HVH welcomes international volunteers and benefits greatly from their services. There are many options available for volunteers, both medical and non-medical. As HVH’s primary mandate is healthcare, we have need for a wide range of healthcare volunteers but can also accommodate those wanting to volunteer who do not have a medical background. Volunteers can come either independently or as part of a group/team.

Upcoming Medical Team Dates: book your space now!

2012: May 19st -28th
2012: Aug 18th-27th 2012
2012: Oct 6th-15th
2012: Nov 17th-26th
2013: Jan 5th- 14th
2013: Feb 2nd -11th
2013: March 2nd- 11th
2013: April 6th – 15th
2013: May 25th – June 3nd


Possible Roles for Healthcare Professional Volunteers

General Clinic Support
Individual healthcare volunteers can spend time in one of HVH’s two clinics, supporting the HVH healthcare workers. Volunteers can volunteer at the Sante Po You clinic in a rural setting or at the Shada clinic in an urban setting. If a medical team is interested in conducting a mass clinic, this can be arranged in another village area** where there is not currently access to a clinic.

Prenatal outreach program assistance
Individual healthcare volunteers can support our Nurse and agent de sante in our prenatal outreach program where they conduct assessments and education with pregnant women in the surrounding villages.

Pediatric Outreach Trips
Medical teams can participate in pediatric outreach trips known as “Peds Blitz’s” where Well-Baby and Well-Child check-ups including vaccinations are conducted in all surrounding villages. If an individual would like to participate in a Peds Blitz but is not part of a team, they can contact HVH to see if there are scheduled Peds Blitz that have space for additional volunteers.

Healthcare Specialty Support and Training
HVH can benefit greatly from healthcare workers with various specialties and special arrangements can be made to take advantage of the services that the volunteers could provide. This includes both the provision of services as well as a training segment for Haitian healthcare workers to help build local capacity. If HVH does not have a significant need for a particular specialty, we can also work with one of our many health partners working in the North to place you at an alternate facility. Specialties that could be utilized include:


  • Medical Doctors
  • Paramedics
  • OBGYN & Midwives
  • Surgical specialists
  • Nurses & Nursing Assistants
  • Internists
  • Dentists
  • Ophthalmologists
  • Pediatricians and Family Doctors
  • Physiotherapist
  • Pharmacists
  • MD & RN & midwifery students
  • Public Health Educators


** This would be planned in advance with the volunteer coordinator in conjunction with HVH medical staff and HVH partner organizations on a Needs basis


Possible Roles for Non- Healthcare Volunteers


Expertise in non-healthcare professional specialty

HVH can benefit from a wide variety of non-medical professional skills. This includes (but is not limited to)


Program with Village Children

The Bod Me Limbe village is home to many children who have considerable idle time as they only attend school for a half-day, and there are no structured programs for them to learn skills beyond their very basic education. There is great need for volunteers to create and run workshops, camps or programs for the village children to attend. This could include:

** Please note: Volunteers are responsible for brining all supplies needed for their programs. Also the children speak only Creole, the so the language barrier must be taken into consideration


Volunteers with a background in construction or simply the desire to provide manual labor can participate in Project Builds. Individuals or groups interested will work with HVH to create a project plan based on the current needs in the surrounding villages.


Support Staff for Medical Team Trips

When medical teams are scheduled for outreach trips, there is often a need for non-medical support. This can include:

**Enquire about date for scheduled team trips


Cost of Volunteering

The per day cost to volunteer is $1450 for a 10 day trip. Our organization functions entirely as a volunteer, not-for-profit organization, and as such, we are all responsible for covering the costs of our initiatives.   For each trip, costs include international flights from Miami to Cap Haitian, ground transportation from Cap Haitian, room and board, food and water, translators and workers fees. Additional team costs can include: medical equipment and supplies, packing supplies, stationary, printing and postage.  As much as possible, we seek to obtain donated equipment and supplies.

Research Projects and Interns
Haiti Village Health also welcomes individuals to volunteer for longer periods of time in order to conduct special projects or research. Please contact HVH for further information at dev[email protected]

We also accept interns for a minimum of 3 months and maximum of 12 months. As an intern, you will be responsible for working with and supporting our Haitian staff, assisting in program management and oversight, networking with other Cap Haitian NGOs, assisting with volunteer teams and acting as a liaison for HVH’s team of Directors working overseas. It is a role that requires flexibility, as job responsibilities will vary depending on the changing needs of the organizations. As an intern, you will not pay a fee and will be provided accommodation and meals, based at the Santo Pou Yo Guesthouse in Bod Me Limbe. You will also be provided with a Blackberry for communication. Prior medical experience and French are both assets, but not requirements. Individual’s interested in interning will need to interview before being accepted as an intern. Please contact HVH for further information at [email protected]