These twins lost their mother to Cholera…

December 17, 2010 at 5:32 pm

We have been doing a poor job on daily blogs, but definitely not for a lack of stories or experiences in Bod Me Limbe! Ever since arriving on December 10th, our days have been full. Some of the experiences and memories imprinted here will last forever. This community is passionate. Experiencing our first death of a young 24 yr old, on our second evening here was heavy. The mourning and wailing outside the tents, and into the next day were heartbreaking sounds.
Another tragic story resulting from the severity of the cholera epidemic would be the loss of a mother. We saw 2 month old twins in general clinic yesterday. The need for support was clearly evident. Dr. Mark discovered they (an adolescent sister and friend of the family) had occasionally been feeding the babies tea, as they couldn’t afford anything else- and nobody close to them was breastfeeding. We gave them money to purchase formula, and teaching re: healthy infant growth and development needs. The dad is still alive, although the daughter reported he had also been very ill with cholera. The coping skills of the Haitian people in the face of devastating natural disasters, poverty, disease, and hunger amaze me everyday. Please keep the people of Haiti in your thoughts and prayers. We are thankful for the opportunity to be working with such a great organization, great local staff, and of course the patients!
I will try posting a photo of these beautiful twins from my iPhone. Better photos to come when we return home…
Danielle, Nathan, and Mark

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  1. Joanne Rowland says:

    i live near Peterborough Ont and am visiting my Mom in Saint John N.B where I had a wonderful visit with Eunie and found out about your contact .I am a physio but have been on several medical brigades where I just did what was needed to support the docs and nurses.Am very flexible and probably have some medical contacts in my area.Was in Haiti in Feb(with A Better World Canada) but had to come home early for a family emergency so would really like to go back.I would like to know more about your organization.Put me on your contact list and I will also go to your site…thanks for all your hard work on behalf of Haitians…Joanne Rowland