Pediatrics Outreach Update - Fall 2011

October 16, 2011 at 12:07 pm

We are happy to report another successful Pediatric Blitz Week.


Dr. Tiffany Keenan, Dr. Francisco Silva and I met up at the Miami Airport during a short layover on our way to Port Au Prince. Once arrived at our final destination of Bas Limbe… It was preparation time… The creation of a daily outreach clinic schedule, communication with Ebenezer Clinic in Limbe to ensure pediatric vaccination and Vitamin A availability, the creation of many many many pediatric vitamin individual 60 day packets, the purchase and organization of much needed pediatric medicines, and more.

A Tired Afternoon of Vitamin Counting

The Trek to Guiotin

We completed Pediatric Blitz clinics in many villages of the Bas Limbe region - target population were children from Bord de mer, Bouchi, Guiotin, Mongoio, Morne and Monbin. An average of 80-140 children were seen each day.

Our team consisted of us three, 3-5 volunteering Haitian physicians (varied by day), our Santé Pou Yo nurse and 2 volunteering Haitian nurses, Santé Pou Yo’s three Agents de Santé, HVH volunteer coordinator Suleicy, 2-3 translators (varied by day), 2 volunteering Haitian medical students and more.

Our Pediatric Blitz Team

Every child was screened for malnutrition - following the MSPP and WHO growth standards. Those found to be malnourished will follow-up in clinic and be screened for entry into our new upcoming malnutrition program with Medika Mamba.

Height and Weight Assessment

Every child was then seen by a physician for a full review of systems and physical examination. If due, deworming therapy was given at this time. Diagnosed medical conditions were treated with therapies available on-site, and if needed, referral to a secondary or tertiary centre was made, to Limbe and Cap Haitian respectively.

Various Physician Assessments

Vitamin Distribution and Pharmacy Station

Vaccination and Vitamin A Station

We would like to thank all the personnel on the ground, volunteers, community  members and partners for yet another successful Pediatric Blitz week. We are also happy to report that these pediatric clinics continue to take place every 2-3 months, thanks to all those involved in the preparation and implementation of the program.


Many thanks to all our hardworking personnel on the ground and to our partners.

May we stay strong and continue working towards improving the health of our communities.



Emmanuelle Britton MD CM, CCFP

Women’s Health Director

Haiti Village Health



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