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hvh organization chart

Tiffany Keenan, MD

Founder, Director

Dr. Keenan is a Family and Emergency Room Physician. In 2006, while working as a medical volunteer in Port au Prince she visited a small village in northern Haiti. She returned later that year to start a clinic in the region and founded the organization, Haiti Village Health. She graduated from McGill University with a degree in Nutritional Sciences, followed by her medical degree at Memorial University with residency training at Queen's University. She has travelled extensively and completed medical missions in Haiti and Congo. It was her initial journey to Haiti and love of the Haitian people has led her to longterm development in the region. 

Emmanuelle Britton, MD CM, CCFP
Assistant Director

Dr. Britton is a family physician and clinician educator associated with Toronto East General Hospital and the University of Toronto. She graduated medicine at McGill University with residency at, and Women's Health and Low Risk Obstetrics Fellowships from, the University of Toronto.  With HVH, Dr. Britton is responsible for, amongst other engagements, maternal health services and prenatal/post-partum community outreach programs.

Emmanuelle's passion with improving the health of economically vulnerable peoples arises from experiences in Toronto's inner city, with SOS villages d'enfants Sénégal and during the recent cholera epidemic response by Haiti Village Health.

Hannah Steadman, BSc
Country Director

Hannah Steadman trained and worked in England as a physiotherapist and specialised in neurological disability. She has worked in Ghana and Haiti in the field of disability and much broader healthcare and water, hygiene and sanitation projects. Working for MSF and the Cap Haitien Health Network at the peak of the cholera epidemic, Hannah was a key facilitator in the coordination of treatment and prevention strategies across northern Haiti.
Hannah's passion in International Development is in working towards locally sustainable solutions and she has recently completed an online certificate program in Community Based Rehabilitation and International Development from Queen's University, Canada.

Jill Allison (PHD)
Global Health

Doctor Allison trained as a nurse in Canada and has worked in many contrasting locations from inner city emergency rooms and high tech intensive care units to remote northern Aboriginal communities in Canada and mountain villages in Nepal.  She has delivered immunization programs to women and children in remote areas, helped design immunization training programs for community health agents and explored the importance of family support in emergency clinics in rural Mexico. 

Her extensive work and travel experiences around the world lead to a career shift as she pursued a Masters degree and Doctorate in medical anthropology.  Her research has focused on global health, examining in particular, the relationship between health and culture, the impact of social inequality on health and the role of healthcare as a driver for social justice and equity development.  She is currently teaching and conducting social science research in the Division of Community Health and Humanities in the Faculty of Medicine at Memorial University in St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada.

Nicola Feldman, MSc

Volunteer Co-ordinator

Nicola Feldman studied Business Management at Georgetown University and completed a Masters of Science in Development Studies at the London School of Economics. Nicola spent 2 years travelling and volunteering around the world, spending time in many countries including South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, India, Australia, New Zealand and Costa Rica. 

Nicola is the Executive Director of the Coalition for the Protection of Children, a child/family rights advocacy organization in Bermuda where she was honored by the Government of Bermuda as one of 100 women selected in the “100 Women, 100 Visions Initiative” which highlighted the leadership and accomplishments of women in Bermuda whose activities have furthered the opportunities for women and created a more inclusive community.

Nicola spent 5 months living in Bod Me Limbe in 2011 and has continued her work with HVH since her time in Haiti.

Mary Ann LoFrumento, MD

Dr. LoFrumento is a pediatrician and author who is currently the Associate Program Director for the Pediatric Residency at the Goryeb Children’s Hospital in Morristown, New Jersey and a Clinical Assistant Professor at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine. A graduate of Barnard College and the University of Pennsylvania where she received her medical degree, she is also the director of the Pediatric Global Health Education Program for Atlantic Health System and one of the founding members of Hands Up for Haiti, a US based non profit that organizes medical missions to clinics in northern Haiti.

Joining with Haiti Village Health in 2011 to work on their pediatric program and to help with improvements to the clinic in Shada, she has dedicated herself to working towards sustainable health care for the children of northern Haiti.

Roberta M. Alvarez, DVM, MS

Member of the Board

Roberta Alvarez was born in the US and grew up in Brazil and Argentina. She received her veterinary degree from Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires in Argentina in 1991. She returned to the US for further training and in 1995, through the AVMA's re-certification (ECFVG) program, recieved her US-equivalent DVM degree at Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine. After four years working as a swine veterinarian in North Carolina, she returned to Purdue for her Masters degree in Swine Biosecurity. Roberta worked in the pharmaceutical industry, in global technical services for pigs and poultry, until 2006 when she moved with her family to Bermuda.

Robert Zuill 

Member of the Board

In his long TV career, Robert Zuill has worked for CNN, PBS, and other networks. His projects have taken him to many places including Kosovo and Afghanistan. He has also done stories on drug traffickers in Mexico. Robert Zuill has won several awards including the prestigious Edward R. Murrow award for foreign reporting. This award was for his work on a CNN programme called "Kingdom of Cocaine."

Richard Geraghty

Rich Geraghty acts as the Treasurer for Haiti Village Health and lives  in Ontario, Canada. He is an experienced business manager, having worked in corporate turnaround and acquisitions across Europe. Rich holds the DipFM qualification from the ACCA, which he gained from the Dublin Business School. Rich is currently studying for his MBA with a specialization in Management Consulting and intends to continue corporate turnaround and change management activities. Additionally, Rich has also offered advisory services to companies working in developing countries and is eager to explore opportunities for business and social business development in Haiti.

Rich is 43 years old and has two children. He is an avid salmon fisherman and also plays golf when time permits. He confesses to not being any good at either pursuit but is prepared to keep trying.

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