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Haiti Village Health staff - Sante Pou Yo Clinic

sante pou yo staff

Dr Brinvert portrait Jonguel Brinvert, MD
Medical Programs Director, Santé Pou Yo Clinic Manager
Dr. Jonguel Brinvert was born in Bas-Limbe and moved to the city of Cap Haitian as a child, where he completed his Elementary and Secondary school. He trained at University of Notre Dame Haiti (UNDH) and University Hospital of Justinian Cap Haitian. He interned in the Emergency Department of University Hospital of Amiens in France and University Hospital Brugmann of Bruxelles in Belgium respectively (2009, 2008 and 2007). He worked in the central plateau with Medishare as General Practitioner in Social Work in 2009 and 2010.
He taught in Cap Haitian at a private Nursing School from 2009-2011. He also worked with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) / Doctors Without Borders during the Cholera epidemic in Haiti in 2010-2011. He started working with Haiti Village Health (HVH) / Santé Pou Yo Clinic in 2011, and continues to do so as Clinic Medical Director and Program Manager.
Youselene2 Youselene Pierre-Louis
Clinic Nurse
Youselene is originally from Quartier-Morin. She graduated from Notre Dame de la Sagesse's nursing school in Cap Haitien. She worked for MSF during the cholera epidemic in 2010 and 2011. Youselene has been working with HVH since September 2011 and is responsible for the women's and children's health programs including prenatal and Medika Mamba programs. She is currently helping to teach a course to Bas Limbe's traditional birth attendants and hopes to do this again in the future.
santo3 Pierre Santo
Clinic Administrator
Twenty nine year old Pierre Santo was born in Labadee, a small village not far from Cap Haitian, the second largest town of the country. He completed his schooling in 2002 and then in 2004 went on to trade school where he studied electricity.  On his return to Labadee in 2007 he worked as a teacher and in 2008 he joined Haiti Village Health as a skilled electrician and translator and now our Clinic Administrator.  Santo says “I like the vision of HVH as it changes the health situation in the Bas-limbe region and Bord de mer village in a sustainable way”.
 cholo2 Pierre, aka Cholo
Pharmacy Technician
Cholo is Sante Pou Yo's pharmacist. He is an asset to Haiti Village Health, organizing our pharmacy and assisting with visiting teams. Cholo has worked with HVH since the cholera epidemic of 2010. Cholo is also a professional plumber and a father of two boys. He grew up in Labadee in a family of 6 children.
josianne3 Joisianne Tinopsaint
Community Health Worker
Josianne has always lived and worked in the area of Bas Limbe. She started working for Sante Pou Yo three years ago, after working as a seamstress in the nearby village of Giotan. Josianne says she enjoys working as a Community Health Worker because she likes working with the community, and finds it rewarding to teach people about preventing health problems. Josianne has an eight month old son and used the knowledge she has gained for her work here to prevent him getting sick.
marieclaude2 Marie Claude
Agent de Santé
Marie Claude has been working with HVH since 2008, but started working full time in 2011. She participated in a three month agence de sante education course through Kombit Sante and MSPP and graduated with success. Marie Claude provides health education to her village, as well as referrals to the Sante Pou Yo clinic when appropriate. She also works at the Sante Pou Yo clinic and Pediatric outreach clinics. She helps with our Medika Mamba, prenatal, and postpartum programs. She enjoys working with new mothers. Marie Claude is a fast learner and an excellent teacher. She is a lay pastor at her village Baptist church. Marie Claude is married and has five children.
Anne Suz
Agent de Santé
Anne Suz is a community health worker (CHW). She was born and raised in BML and was HVH's first CHW. She began working full time at Sante Po Yo clinic in 2007. She takes a lead role in the administration of the clinic and enjoys doing wound care. She has four grown children, three living in Miami and one in BML.
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