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Team members from Canada and the USA work with Haitian staff to conduct medical clinics in Bord de Mer Limbe and in the surrounding regions.


Team Update

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Team Members from St. John's Newfoundland, under leadership of Dr. Dick Barter of Memorial University recently visited the area.  Jennifer Wood, Dietitian, gives a few words on her experience in Haiti.


finishing touches

December 5th 2012

Our new clinic is almost complete, just awaiting final finishing touches!


ready for new roof

Despite delays caused by Hurricane Sandy, the construction of our new clinic in Bod Me Limbe is progressing steadily.  Here it is in November, almost ready for the roof.


pavillion update1We are very pleased to announce that work on the ground has commenced. Contractor Joe Grealy is leading the project, and the foundation has already been started. We look forward to updating you on the progress made by the local team and hard working community members.


new clinicThis year we are poised for a major expansion in our public health initiatives as we initiate construction of a new clinic in the village of Bod Me Limbe beside our existing headquarters and guesthouse.

This facility will encourage more women to come and deliver their babies under supervision and will provide increased services including dental care.

We recently received funding from the Freemason's, Grand Lodge of Scotland, to build a new clinic in Bod Me Limbe, from Positive Legacy Foundation for the sanitation needs of the clinic and from CME at Sea for operational needs - examples of the generous continuing support that makes our mission possible.

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