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primary care hvhWe welcome sponsors who wish to contribute to a specific area within the Haiti Village Health program. Your generous support is appreciated. Some ideas for sponsorship include:

$50,000     to run entire Bod Me Limbe clinic and outreach services (including salaries and supplies)

$13,000     to run second Shada clinic

$7,000       to provide Medika Mamba for 100 severely malnourished children

$1,000       to provide critical, life-saving vaccinations for 100 children

$1,000       to provide Pre-natal/Postpartum assessments and vitamins for 100 expectant mothers.

Haiti Village Health introduces the ‘100 for $100’ club where supporters provide long term funding for operational expenses. Giving $100 per month for 100 months would enable us to ensure we can provide the ongoing programs to the Bod me Limbe region of Haiti.

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