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Financial Transparency

100% of funds raised by HVH go directly to support the health needs of the people of Haiti. In Canada our finances are managed transparently through the Canadian registered charity, Bridges of Hope through whom our tax receipts are issued.

We are also a duly registered and recognized charity in Bermuda where our Founder, Dr. Tiffany Keenan is a practising Family Physician. We are governed by the laws of Canada and Bermuda and managed by a Board of directors whose membership includes an international roster of medical professionals and business leaders committed to open and transparent operation.

Haiti Village Health receives only minimal payments for services and as such relies heavily on donations to fund the clinic, salaries and medications needed to provide the people of Bas Limbe with basic medical care.

Providing this care is costly, even in a poor country such as Haiti. For example, HVH annual costs include:

  • $50,000 to run entire Bod Me Limbe clinic and outreach services (including salaries and supplies)
  • $13,000 to run second Shada clinic
  • $7000 to provide Medika Mamba for 100 severely malnourished children
  • $1000 to provide critical, life-saving vaccinations for 100 children
  • $1000 to provide Pre-natal/Postpartum assessments and vitamins for 100 expectant mothers

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