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VOSH – Providing Much Needed Optometry Services

Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity (VOSH), an eye specialist team from Pennsylvania, joined us in BML for 2 days in March. They set up in the local Catholic church, where they saw approximately 300 school children, and 214 adults on the first day, with 20 people referred for free surgeries in Cap Haitien. The next day, another 274 people were seen and 21 more people were referred for surgery. All patients with prescriptions received glasses and all adults received sunglasses. Thanks to VOSH for coming to BML. We look forward to partnering with you in the future!


World Food Program Delivers!

Our village school received its monthly delivery of school feeding supplies from the World Food Program (WFP). It always bring a smile when we see all the kids eating a hearty meal at lunchtime.

Its been two months since the program started, and we certainly are pleased we were able to convince WFP to enlist the school into the program.

Finally Some Sun

The sun!! We woke up to a beautiful sunrise over the village.  Everyone had a smile on their face and it seemed that even the activity in Bod me Limbe was much more vibrant and alive.  With the nice weather, it appeared the whole village turned out to be seen.


Momben Meets Mama Dan and Papa Dan

Our team loves our commute to work.  We walked again to clinic, about a 25 minute walk, mostly on the beach.  The clinic in Momben was a scene I have come to love.  The church was simple yet adorned with flowers on the altar.  We assembled the wooden pews into 4 different stations for the doctors (Matt and Tom, Lily and Heather, Dr. Brinvert, and Emily and me).


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