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volunteer for haiti

Haiti Village Health welcomes international volunteers and benefits greatly from their services. There are two main options available for volunteers, both medical and non-medical.

As HVH’s primary mandate is healthcare, we have need for a wide range of healthcare volunteers but can also accommodate those wanting to volunteer who do not have a medical background. Volunteers can come either independently or as part of a group/team.

There are 2 ways in which you can volunteer with HVH:

1) Pre-scheduled 10 day medical team trips, with primary focus of conducting outreach prenatal and pediatric mobile clinics. Trips must maintain ratio of 1 MD per every 2 RN, plus one extra RN and 2 non-medical support staff.

2) Special Projects/Research. Volunteers must be proactive and independent individuals with specific interests. They will develop their projects in advance of their trip in coordination with HVH’s volunteer and research coordinator. Minimum of 1 month commitment required.

** for special projects, research or internships – please complete the research questionnaire along with your application. You must have a project or research idea in mind before arriving in Haiti. We have a research coordinator who can assist interested individuals but the onus is on the individual to create their topic with HVH guidance to ensure the need and relevance of the topic.

Upcoming Medical Trip Dates: book your space now!

2012: Aug 18th-27th 2012
2012: Oct 6th-15th
2012: Nov 10th-17th
2013: Jan 5th- 14th
2013: Feb 11nd -20th
2013: March 2nd- 11th
2013: April 6th – 15th
2013: May 25th – June 3nd

Sample Itinerary for a ten day medical trip >>

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